Corporate Overview

Colibri Resource Corporation was formed specifically to conduct mineral exploration in Mexico. Colibri currently has three properties in its portfolio, encompassing approximately 17,000 hectares (41,000 acres), all located in the state of Sonora, northwestern Mexico. Each of these three projects is a former producing mining district. The Colibri Project is in the same district and on the same geologic structure as the the La Herradura mine, Mexico’s largest gold mine. The Ramard and Leon Projects are within a geological trend that includes the Cananea mine, one of the largest and most productive copper mining districts in the world.

Ore deposits continue to be discovered and developed in Sonora. Operating large mines within the state of Sonora are the Cananea, La Caridad, and Mariquita open pit copper mines (Grupo Mexico) and La Herradura open pit gold mine (Penoles-Newmont), the Mulatos open pit gold mine (Alamos Gold). New mines or projects likely to begin production soon in the state of Sonora include Piedras Verdes open pit copper mine, (Frontera Copper), Alamo Dorado open pit silver mine (PanAmerican Silver- Corner Bay), Milpillas underground copper mine, (Penoles), Cerro Colorado open pit gold mine, (Sierra Gold) and the El Chanate gold mine (Capital Gold).